Improving Productivity,
Cloud Visualization,
and Actionable Insights

Track changes over time with your cloud configuration and architecture | Visualize your cloud architecture | Understand your cloud components | Region-wide searching and quick access to your cloud resources

Save money by increasing productivity

Run a as a SAAS that monitor your cloud

and extract actionable insights

Yummi, the leading Israeli marketplace for ordering fresh homemade food
from local cooks. 

Synoptic is a great complementary tool for Yummi IT. 

By using Synoptic, we have a much clearer view of our AWS architecture.

Synoptic provided us a clear, comprehensive and simple view of the resources we use, and allowed us to focus on managing our system without wasting time collecting the information from the AWS console.
It even helped us reduce our costs by simplifying the information and exposing inefficient usage.

Knowing how important cloud services are, and the huge potential this instrument holds,
Synoptic aims for its clients to experience a seamless, daily and simple use of cloud


Through our services you will understand, use, search and access your cloud
resources like never before.

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