How can I apply to EMIS?

Your application will be done via the Internet at: EMIS Online Registration. Once you fill up your application form and complete the application fee, consultation and interviews will be arranged by the Admissions Committee via the Internet.

What are the specific requirements for applicants?

- Have been born in years 2004 or 2005, currently in 10th or 11th grade for IB program or 9th grade, 2006 for Cambridge program, upon application. Must be 15, 16 or 17 years old during 2020-2021. - Be very good students, able to be independent learners and thinkers, and be able to study in English the high-level academic material of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma ( or the Pre-IB program. - Have good spoken and written English (a strong advantage). - Have demonstrated significant community involvement or leadership activity. - Be curious, and excited about learning in a different environment; open to new experiences, cultures and people, able to practice tolerance through living and sharing with peers from different cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds.

How long will the application process take?

Applications to EMIS take place in three rounds. Early Bird Round: If you submit your application by December 1st, you will receive a final decision from the admissions committee by December 15th. Regular Round: If you submit your application by March 1st, you will receive a final decision from the admissions committee by March 15th. Final Round: If you submit your application by June 1st, you will receive a final decision from the admissions committee by June 15th. Scholarships are limited and spots are filled on a rolling basis. We urge you to apply as early as possible!

Where can I seek for help with the application process?

EMIS is open to any of your enquiry either via email at or you can join the official group of 2021 applicants (at which there are many current EMIS students and EMIS alumni willing to help) at link: EMIS Facebook Applicants Page 2021. To make your application process easier we would like to offer you an "EMIS Buddy" - a current student at EMIS from your country, who can provide some more information and guidance regarding the process. When you send us an email to request an EMIS Buddy, make sure to include your full name and country!

What is the tuition fee for an EMIS education?

The yearly tuition is $32,000/year. We offer 5 levels of scholarships: 76%, 70%, 62%, 55% & 40%. You can choose any of the offers and backup your request with 3 salary slips or yearly financial report.

What does the scholarship cover/not cover?

The scholarship offered by the school will cover: - Tuition - Boarding expenses (Dormitory, meals, etc.) - Exam fees - Annual trip - Off campus curricular/school excursions Additional anticipated costs not covered by the scholarship: - Travel to and from the school, including travel (if any) during all breaks and local holidays. During the summer holiday, the boarding house will be closed, during the other holidays the boarding house remains open and staff remains on duty - Annual health Insurance fee – $900 - Notebooks and School Supplies - Pocket money - Visa fees - $280 art supplies for art students

How much I have to pay as down-payment to guarantee my place upon acceptance?

20% of 1st year parental payment should be paid as down-payment within two weeks upon receiving the EMIS offer.

If I get accepted, can I withdraw? Can I get the deposit refunded?

Cancellation prior to school start date: - Within 30 days of acceptance and no later than June 1st, 2020 – full down-payment refund. - Between June 1st and July 1st, 2020 – 50% of down-payment and refund. - After July 1st – no down-payment refund. Cancellation by student or by the school after school start date: - Before winter break 2020 – 50% of tuition refund plus proportional medical insurance refund. - After winter break – no tuition refund and proportional medical insurance refund.

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