Why synoptic?


Save money by increasing productivity, Quickly accessing any cloud resource and
configuration you use with our
region-wide search

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Cloud Overview

  • ​Multi-Region overview of your cloud service with reports and maps

  • Search resources by any attribute

  • See whether your architecture is scalable

  • Which region is the largest/smallest?

  • How do the configuration and architecture of cloud services you use change overtime?

  • Link to your provider console


  • List all your cloud resources, multi-region with filter options

  • Search by any attribute

  • Find resources configuration in no-time

  • Quick access to any resource on your cloud provider dashboard

  • Quick access to resource info and related resources

  • Compare multiple instances within the same service


Track Changes

  • Timeline of your cloud architecture

  • Visualize changes in your cloud overtime

  • Filter by Resource type, Resource Group or Resource Id

  • Answering questions like “What’s changed in my Kinesis Stream/RDS/Ec2/other services over time?”

Recommendations & Reports

  • Visualize current cloud services state

  • Best-practice recommendations for your architecture

  • Rule engine, you define what you want to be notified on

  • Charts of Service count and region usage

  • Resources count in region


Snapshot Repository

  • Browse old snapshots

  • Download snapshots in json format

  • Quick access to Compute and Network Map 

  • View all cloud resources and their details in snapshots

  • See comprehensive reports for snapshots

  • Compare multiple instances within the same service

Compute & Network Maps

  • Visualize the connections between all your compute resources

  • See your cloud network map (across all regions in one map)

  • Export to SVG, PNG

  • Filter by resources

  • Quick access to resource info

  • Quick access to resource page on provider dashboard


More features...

  • API integration for working on your existing dashboard

  • Multi-Cloud (Azure and GCP coming soon)

  • Understand changes on a daily / weekly / monthly basis

  • See what services are in use in any region

  • See which region is the largest

  • Export maps to SVG, PNG to use in external apps and presentations

  • Download your snapshot in a machine-readable json format

  • We provide images of your cloud architecture and metadata, without direct access to your data

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