Identify the gap between the desirable state and the working state

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API Access

API integration for working on your existing dashboard

Multi-Cloud Support

We support both AWS (Azure and Google Cloud coming in the near future)

Read-Only Access

We provide images of your cloud architecture and metadata, without direct access to your data

Region-Free View

See what services are in use in any region See which region is the largest

Compute Map

See the connections between all your compute resources Export to SVG, PNG

Track Changes

Easily track changes in your cloud architecture and configuration See changes over time Understand changes on a weekly basis Export reports in json format

Access Raw Data

Download your snapshot in a machine-readable json format

Network Map

See your cloud network map (across all regions in one map) Export to SVG, PNG

Region-Free Inventory or Global View

Search by any attribute in any service across all regions, link to your provider console Compute Map and Network Map across all regions Region usage and size