How We Work

Synoptic regularly fetches your cloud architecture’s configuration and metadata

Save it as what we call a “Snapshot” – like taking an x-ray of your cloud account.


We then store this snapshot in our secure database, and AI analyze it for you.

Our Working Method


You will receive a significant amount of actionable insights and data, to quickly name a few

  • Identifying the gap between the desirable state and the working state

  • Multi-region/cross-region visualization of your cloud

  • Easy access to any resource you use directly on your cloud provider dashboard

  • Tracking changes over time in your cloud architecture

  • Best-practice recommendations for your architecture

  • Cloud Compute Map

  • Network Map

  • And much more...

To x-ray your cloud, we will need a read-only user with access to all or a limited set of cloud services you use



The user you define for us will not be able to change anything on your cloud, or read your data.

It can only read and list your services and service configurations.


Our team will be happy to help.

Knowing how important cloud services are, and the huge potential this instrument holds,
Synoptic aims for its clients to experience a seamless, daily and simple use of cloud


Through our services you will understand, use, search , secure and access your cloud
resources like never before.

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