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Save money by increasing productivity, and quickly accessing any cloud resource and
configuration you use with our region-wide search


47$ usd/month


2 users

3 projects

(cloud privder accounts)

7 Days Snapshot Repository


500 Nodes* limit

(per project)


67$ usd/month

5 users

6 projects


30 Days Snapshot Repository


1000 Nodes* limit

(per project)


117$ usd/month


10 users

12 projects


90 Days Snapshot Repository


3000 Nodes* limit

(per project)


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Nodes - single node is an instance of billable service at your cloud provider, i.e. Ec2 instance, load balancer, etc.

Knowing how important cloud services are, and the huge potential this instrument holds,
Synoptic aims for its clients to experience a seamless, daily and simple use of cloud


Through our services you will understand, use, search , secure and access your cloud
resources like never before.

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